Freezing Baby Toes

What do you do when you have cold feet, this is in the literal not emotional sense. As winter approaches, our toes are vulnerable to the old and we need to protect them at any cost.

Imagine what it would feel like if your toes are so cold that they feel frozen, they are painful, their cold reaches up to your body, and if you are not careful and temperatures are freezing then, your toes could actually be subjected to the weather and they could suffer severe consequences and they could fall off. Or the doctors may have to do that to you.


Even if the temperature has not reached to freezing, we still need to protect our tips and especially our toes as they are in contact with the ground. Before leaving your house make sure your feet are clad in thick waterproof boots, thick socks, also waterproof or woolen.


Supposing you are seated and cannot take care of your feet what would happen to your toes? This is the case with small children or newly born babies as they are carried or seated in a toddler’s car. Their feet are cold, hurting and they cannot even tell you.


Footmuffs can keep those little toes warm and safe from the elements and as soon as those toes are warm so are the little ones. It is of the utmost importance to make sure you have a footmuff for your baby even before he is born. You just zip him into his muff and tuck him in his car or in the car seat or you may even be carrying him.

Do not think for a moment that if your baby is warm and you are carrying him, that you alone can keep his toes warm. No, socks and a muff are essential.